Once internal coaches and managers are trained in coaching and mentoring in organisations it is very important to keep inspiring, challenging and developing their coaching skills.

Coaching and Mentoring CPD events

We are running an increasing number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events for internal coaches and mentors for our corporate clients.

The range of subjects vary considerably, but are all centred around how these can enhance the coaches’ and mentors’ skills, effectiveness and impact. Please visit our CPD events page for a full list of our current CPD subjects

CPD benefits:

  • Enhancing the internal coaches’ and mentors’ coaching/mentoring skills
  • Inspiring them to apply their coaching and mentoring skills
  • Creating a community feel / network for internal coaches and mentors
  • Providing a forum for shared learning and discussion
  • Recognising the internal coaches/mentors’ contribution to the organisation
  • Sharing organisational updates with the coach/mentor community
  • Picking up issues and themes experienced by coaches/mentors, to feed back to management and/or to inform future CPD events
  • Contributing towards CPD requirements stipulated by their professional bodies

CPD event format:

Our typical CPD format is a half-day or more for the CPD subject itself, plus 1-2 hours allocated for discussion of coaching/mentoring challenges and issues raised by the participants. 

The number of participants can range from 6 to 20+ people. 

We suggest that attendance at the events is recorded and that the CPD events are logged by the participants or organisation on their training records.

Costs and payment

The cost for a standard in-house half-day event is £1,600.
The cost for a standard in-house one-day event is £2,600. 


  • The fee will be invoiced when the course has taken place.
  • Please add VAT and expenses to the above fee.
  • If a significant amount of tailoring is required additional course design costs may need to be added.
  • Payment is due 2 weeks after invoice date.

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