On April 8th Jan Bowen-Nielsen delivered a 1-hour webinar for four Nordic Chambers of Commerce in the UK (in English) for members and non-members.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote and home working a sudden enforced reality on an unprecedented scale across the Globe. It is likely to leave a lasting impression on the way that people live and work.

Leading and motivating a remote team require a new approach and skill set for many managers and leaders, and also a new mindset for staff as they get used to working from home and away from their fellow team members.

Getting the best out of your teams, managing performance based on output not input, motivating and empowering the team to get on with their work, encouraging the team to collaborate with each other and more, are all areas you now need to deal with.

This webinar will offer particular value to leaders who are looking for tips on how to lead and motivate their newly remote teams.


Jan Bowen-Nielsen is the MD of Quiver Management, an award-winning team of 15 executive coaches and leadership trainers. Jan has led remote teams for over two decades, as a senior executive and CEO in large Danish corporates and as MD for two European consultancies. He has coached and worked with 100s of senior executives and teams, many of them geographically spread. Jan is the chair of a high growth business in Wales and a charity in England, both now also facing the challenges of managing all staff working from home.


A recording of the webinar is now available on Quiver Management’s YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/0tBmbPqpFWM