On January 28th, Chris Budd and Jan Bowen-Nielsen ran two webinars for members of the Personal Finance Society.

The sessions were recorded in a studio in London while Chris and Jan were presenting to a virtual live audience. Recordings have now been made available for the PFS’s 25,000 members and are now available here.

Webinar 1: Coaching; a powerful opportunity for advisers

In this 60-minute webinar, we explore coaching as a complementary activity to traditional financial advice and start to examine client needs and technological trends that underpin the opportunity for advisers to improve their interpersonal skills.

You can access the recording for the first webinar Here.

Webinar 2: Coaching; driving improved wellbeing for clients

During this 60-minute webinar, we look at coaching and how it can be used to improve clients' understanding of themselves and help uncover their real objectives, allowing you to create more relevant financial plans and enhance your long-term value by becoming a trusted coach.

You can access the recording for the second webinar Here.