Jan Bowen-Nielsen is attending the Professional Speaking Association’s annual convention.

The three-day event is taking place at the East Midlands Conference Centre from Friday 5 October 2018 to Sunday 7 October.

The “Inspire 2018” event is set to be the best annual PSA UK&I convention yet!

With three days of intensive workshops, valuable networking and mind-blowing speakers from around the world, PSA is bringing together the finest that the profession has to offer.

The theme of Inspire 2018 is Adventure. Speaking is an adventurous career – not for the faint hearted. As PSA President, Tiffany Kemp, says “Every adventure has an element of peril. Without some possibility of danger, it’s not an adventure, it’s an outing!

The convention will help members maximise the thrills of their speaking adventure while keeping the perils under control.

For more information and tickets please follow the link to the PSA Convention Eventbrite page.