Jan has been invited back as keynote speaker at 10 events across the UK.

Threesixty Services are running 10 events for its almost 4,000 IFA client practices across the UK.

The theme is “Planning ahead – are you ready for the new decade?” and the organisers pose the questions “Look back over the last 10 years. Remind yourself of the changes the industry has seen. Take a moment and think, how your business has adapted and evolved? Given so much has changed, what should you be doing in anticipation of the next ten years in the advent of further technological advances and regulatory change?”

Jan spoke at a series of Threesixty Services events back in 2016 and received the highest feedback scores of all the speakers and presenters. On the back of that success, Threesixty has now been asked Jan back as keynote speaker.

Jan’s Keynote for 2019 has the working title: “Client conversations – your competitive edge” with the following teaser: “Your technical knowhow will only get you so far! An IFA’s competitive edge over robo-advice is being human. We will learn how making the client feel understood and their needs met will be an essential skill of a successful adviser in the next decade.”

Link: https://www.threesixtyservices.co.uk/