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This 2-day course is specifically designed for business advisers, consultants and business mentors who supports business owner / managers.

The course will boost your competencies, confidence and credibility as a business mentor.

“The training sessions covered a level of details and knowledge that can instantly be applied. The tools and techniques can be used in many business scenarios and are very valuable.” Sarah Danson, Director of Strategic Growth, GFirst LEP


Blended virtual course format

This innovative course is delivered as a blended course with online learning, virtual workshop sessions and extensive online resources for the Business Mentor to use when working with business owners.

  • Live virtual 2 workshop days split into 4 sessions each day (3 x 90 minutes and 1 x 45 minutes with good breaks in-between).
  • The training is interactive, fun and makes full use of breakout rooms, whiteboard and other Zoom technology.
  • The sessions are practical; mixing theory with conversation exercises.
  • After the workshop you will get access to online self-help resources in our Coaching Academy with descriptions of all the models and techniques shared during the workshop as well as downloads to use when applying the coaching and mentoring skills in your client conversations.
  • The total learning hours are approximately 12 hours.
  • At the end of the programme you will be able to download your own personalised certificate to demonstrate your credibility as a business mentor.

“Highly recommended for anyone involved in or planning to do coaching or mentoring, even consultancy. Great content, well delivered.” Mark Vincent, Applied Change, Growth Hub Mentor

Course objectives


Day 1: Coaching Skills

This will cover the core coaching (and mentoring) skills including

  • The difference between mentoring, coaching, training and consultancy
  • How to use coaching to develop the business owner/managers to improve their own, their teams’ and their organisations’ performance (and when not to)
  • Purposeful listening techniques for improved understanding
  • High quality questioning to increase awareness and create progress
  • How adults learn and how to use this insight to help the business owner/manager
  • How to build strong rapport and relationships
  • How to structure effective coaching conversations
  • How to share perspectives, observations and ideas without advising
Day 2: Business Mentoring Skills
  • How to mentor the business owner/manager to conduct a strategic analysis of their business
  • Mentoring to generate a growth strategy for the business
  • Mentoring to create an action plan with milestones
  • Establishing monitoring processes including Key Performance Indicators
  • Mentoring a risk review to recognise and mitigate the risks
  • How to help the business owner/manager overcome obstacles and setbacks
  • Helping the business owner/manager find creative solutions
  • Mentoring to recognise and celebrate successes

“Jan is a first-class trainer, able to call on huge body of experience with a delivery that cannot fail to draw you in.” David Chapman, Scott William Associates, Growth Hub Mentor

“After 2 days of training I feel confident to start business mentoring, knowing that I can use the techniques discussed successfully. Thank you.” Tony Collingwood, Trelleborg, Growth Hub Mentor



The cost for the two days is £495 plus VAT per person.


  1. The workshop starts at 9.00 and the last live session finished at 16.30.
  2. More detailed instructions will be provided approximately 2 weeks prior to the course date.
  3. We recommend booking early as our courses fill quickly.
  4. For more information, please contact Jan Bowen-Nielsen on 07732 786 456.
  1. Payment terms
    1. Full payment is required when booking the course.
  2. Duration
    1. You will receive personal access to the online material for pre-study approximately 2 weeks ahead of the event
    2. The online materials will be accessible for 3 months after the course date.
  3. ‘No share’ of access
    1. Access to the online materials and self-learning resources is limited to the person(s) designated as fully paid-up participant(s). These resources are the property of Quiver Management Ltd and copyright protected. Access to the online materials and self-learning resources must not be shared with any other person. Sharing access to the resources with other individuals will be regarded as a breach of contract and violation of Quiver Management Ltd.’s copyright.
  4. Minimum numbers
    1. The course is subject to a minimum number of 6 people signing up to this course. If less people are signed up, Quiver Management reserves the right to cancel the course.
  5. Cancellation
    1. In the event of cancellation Quiver Management will offer the attendees to attend a future scheduled course or a full refund of the course fees.