In this series of six webinar sessions you will learn some core coaching skills and how you can apply these in your financial advisory practice to

  • Improve your client conversations
  • Understand your clients better
  • Improve your service delivery
  • Help your clients achieve financial wellbeing
  • Convert more prospective clients
  • Create a prosperous practice based on long-term client relationships.

The live sessions started in January 2020, but they are recorded so you can still catch-up on the first sessions and join the live webinars in February and March.

Who is it for?

This course is for all financial advisers, financial planners, wealth-managers, para-planners both new and experienced, who want to improve the quality of conversations with their clients and build long-term client relationships.

Course content

The course consists of six live webinars between 40 minutes and 60 minutes in length supplemented with practical self-help exercises and additional resources uploaded to our learning platform.

Access to webinar recordings and additional resources

The live webinars will be interactive with questions and discussions.

The webinars will be recorded and uploaded to our learning management site together with self-learning resources such as tips, self-help exercises, self-assessment forms and FAQs. You will receive personal access to all the webinars and resources for 3 months.

CPD for Financial Advisers

Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate of attendance which can count 4 hours towards your CPD requirements.



Webinar Content

  • Trends in the financial advisory markets and shifts in client expectations
  • Appreciate how the ability to connect human-to-human is becoming ever more important for advisers
  • Moving from financial advice to helping clients achieve financial wellbeing
  • Understand what coaching is and isn’t, and the differences between coaching, mentoring, training, counselling and advising
  • The benefits of coaching for financial planners
  • Understand the mindset and skills of a coaching adviser
  • The importance of good listening to understand your clients
  • Appreciate the barriers to listening and why it is particularly difficult for advisers
  • Learn tips and techniques to overcome barriers to listening
  • Learn key listening and observation skills
  • How to use listening skills in client situations
  • Understand the power of questions to help your client’s thinking
  • Learn to recognise and ask helpful and unhelpful questions
  • Construct your own toolkit of questions
  • Build good client relationships and first impressions
  • Learn to observe and match client behaviours to accelerate rapport building
  • Use human behaviour and personality models to make sense of what you observe
  • How coaching can help improve your clients’ thinking and self-awareness
  • What motivates humans and how to use these insights in your client conversations
  • How to help uncover your clients’ deeper objectives, motivations, needs and fears
  • How coaching can help clients make better decisions
  • Help clients deal with complex decisions and uncertainty
  • Spot unhelpful thinking patterns and help overcome biases
  • Use coaching during a lifelong client relationship
  • Coaching and financial wellbeing
  • How to help your clients deal with typical life situations
  • Understand how people respond to change
  • How to use coaching to help your clients change their thinking and behaviours
  • Help your clients deal with changes
  • Structure an effective client conversation using PACE
  • Use coaching techniques to convert more clients
  • Understand how coaching and FCA compliance complement each other
  • How to introduce coaching into your practice with existing and new clients
  • Turn a coaching approach into a competitive edge
  • The importance of treating coaching as a professional discipline
  1. The webinar starts at 16.00 GMT and is scheduled to last between 40 minutes and 60 minutes.
  2. Invitations to the webinar will be sent shortly after paying the course fees.
  3. For more information, please contact Jan Bowen-Nielsen on
  1. Payment terms
    1. Full payment is required to secure a place on the course.
  2. Cancellation by Quiver Management
    1. The webinar series is subject to a minimum number of people signing up. Quiver Management reserves the right to cancel the course.
    2. In the event of cancellation Quiver Management will offer the attendees the opportunity to attend a future scheduled webinar course or a refund of the course fees.
  3. Cancellation by participants
    1. All webinars will be recorded and accessible for 3 months hence cancellations will not be accepted.
  4. Transfers
    1. There is no charge for transferring to an alternative participant provided the request is received at least 1 week prior to the first webinar date.
  5. Non-attendance
    1. If a participant is unable to attend a webinar the recorded webinar will be available within a week for the participant to access on our learning platform.
  6. ‘No share’ of access
    1. Access to the webinars, recordings and self-learning resources is limited to the person(s) designated as fully paid-up participant(s). These resources are the property of Quiver Management Ltd and copyright protected. Access to the webinars, recordings and self-learning resources must not be shared with any other person. Sharing access to the resources with other individuals will be regarded as a breach of contract and violation of Quiver Management Ltd.’s copyright.