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The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote and home working a sudden enforced reality on an unprecedented scale across the Globe. It is likely to leave a lasting impression on the way that people live and work.

Leading and motivating a remote team requires a new approach and skill set for many managers and leaders, and also a new mindset for staff as they get used to working from home and away from their fellow team members.

Getting the best out of your teams, managing performance based on output not input, motivating and empowering the team to get on with their work, encouraging the team to collaborate with each other and more, are all areas you now need to deal with now.

In years to come it is very likely that leading remote and semi-remote teams effectively will be a core skill expected of all leaders. Now is a good time to learn and practise these skills.

Webinars and training session

In this series of 3 highly interactive webinars and a virtual training session you will learn

  • How to get the best out of your remote team
  • Your role as a leader of remote / virtual teams
  • How to build high-performing virtual teams
  • How to lead a mixed co-located and remote team
  • How to motivate and empower your team to perform
  • How to deal with wellbeing and mental health
  • How to foster collaboration and innovation in dispersed teams
  • How lead effective virtual team meetings
  • How to deal with conflicts in your dispersed team
  • Tips for using virtual communication and collaboration tools

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Webinar course feedback:

"I thought this was an excellent course, which was very well delivered. The content was excellent alongside extensive supportive documentation" - Scott Inglis, Edison Wealth Management

Who is it for?

This course is for leaders at any level of their organisation who are looking for best practice techniques and tips on how to lead and motivate their newly remote teams.

"REALLY interesting and super useful!" - Hayley


    Jan Bowen-Nielsen is the MD of Quiver Management, an award-winning team of 15 executive coaches and leadership trainers.

    Jan has led remote teams for over two decades, as a senior executive and CEO in large Danish corporates and as MD for two European consultancies. He has coached and worked with 100s of senior executives and teams, many of them geographically dispersed.

    Jan is the chair of a high growth business in Wales and a charity in England, both now also facing the challenges of managing all staff working from home.

    "An inspiring and very useful webinar today. Now I have got some new tools in my daily work as a leader." Ole Petter Bjørseth, CEO and British Honorary Consul

    Recordings and resources

    Don't worry if you miss one or two of the sessions. They will be recorded and uploaded to our learning platform together with self-help resources such as tips sheets, exercises, self-assessment forms and links to other resources.


    Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate of attendance.



    Course Content

    • Trends in virtual and remote teams
    • Understanding the different remote working team scenarios and the different challenges they present for individuals and leaders
    • The challenges of working from home
    • Tips for working effectively from home
    • Tips for working remotely from other team members
    • Helping your team member setting up for homeworking and remotely (whether flexible or full-time)
    • What the business and the leader can and should do for remote workers
    • Your virtual leadership values and approach
    • Leading co-located and remote teams
    • The 4 Cs of thriving remote teams
    • Motivating remote and mixed teams
    • Building trust in virtual teams
    • Leadership styles in a virtual team environment
    • Coaching for individual performance of remote team members
    • Building high performing virtual teams for different team types
    • Dealing with different personalities in remote teams
    • Managing productivity from co-located and virtual teams
    • How to manage based on output not input
    • Fostering collaboration, creativity and innovation across a dispersed team
    • Managing wellbeing and mental health in your remote team
    • Dealing with conflicts in your virtual team
    • Leading virtual teams across time zones and different cultures
    • Facilitating virtual workshops
    • Technology for virtual leadership and team collaboration
    • Virtual interaction with clients, suppliers and partners
    • Discussion of specific challenges faced by participants
    • Q&A session
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    2. Duration
      1. You will receive personal access to all the webinars and resources for 3 months from date of purchase.
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      1. Access to the webinars, recordings and self-learning resources is limited to the person(s) designated as fully paid-up participant(s). These resources are the property of Quiver Management Ltd and copyright protected. Access to the webinars, recordings and self-learning resources must not be shared with any other person. Sharing access to the resources with other individuals will be regarded as a breach of contract and violation of Quiver Management Ltd.’s copyright.
    4. The course is subject to a minimum number of 8 people signing up to this course. If less people are signed up, Quiver Management reserves the right to cancel the course.
    5. In the event of cancellation Quiver Management will offer the attendees to attend a future scheduled course or a full refund of the course fees.