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There are 5 CPD events in this series. Please specify the number of events you'd like to attend in the quantity box. We'll then contact you to confirm which courses you will be attending.

Coaching and Mentoring CPD events

Once you have trained and qualified as a coach or mentor (whether you are an internal or external coach/mentor) it is very important to keep developing and expanding your coaching skills, so you can operate competently, safely and with confidence and credibility.

We are running an increasing number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events for internal coaches and mentors for our corporate clients and have repeatedly been asked to provide these for our alumni and other external, independent coaches as well.

We are now proud to offer at programme of 5 open CPD events for 2021. These open CPD events are suitable for both internal and external coaches and will be delivered in a blended format with virtual interactive workshop sessions supported by online learning resources.

The wide range of subjects are all centred around how to enhance your skills, effectiveness and impact.

CPD benefits for Coaches and Mentors

  • Enhancing your coaching/mentoring skills, confidence, and impact
  • Inspiring you to apply your skillset in a wide range for situations
  • Creating a community feel / network for coaches and mentors
  • Providing a forum for shared learning and discussion
  • Recognising your contribution to your organisations / clients
  • Contributing towards CPD requirements stipulated by your professional bodies

Course format

  • Each CPD event will contain two 60 – 90 minutes-day virtual Zoom sessions starting at 09.00 (BST) with a 30-minute break between sessions.
  • Before or after each CPD event (depending on design) you will get access to self-study resources in our Online Coaching Academy related the CPD subject as well as downloads to use when applying the skills in your client conversations or for self-development.
  • Each CPD event will be contain approximately 3 hours of learning (adding together the virtual workshop sessions and online self-study learning time).
  • The training is engaging and fun, making full use of Zoom breakout rooms and other interactive technology.
  • The sessions are practical, mixing theory with activities and exercises to practise and embed the theory and skills.
  • You will receive a certificate upon completion describing the number of hours attended.


There is a volume discount available when you purchase 4 or 5 CPD events together. To redeem the volume discount, enter code 'CPD2021' at the checkout:

  • 1 – 3 events: £120+VAT per event
  • 4 - 5 events: £100 + VAT per event ( Use code 'CPD2021' at the check-out.)

CPD subjects

Experience is sometimes billed as the best teacher, however that is not really the case; it is what you do with the experience that is important! It is your ability to learn from your experiences and to use this insight to improve your understanding and competency, that can make experience a fertile ground for development. In this CPD workshop we will explore how adults learn, what reflective practice is and the benefits of good quality reflections. We will also look at the role and benefits of supervision and how you get the most out of supervision.

As coaches we help our coachees find ways forward by replacing old habitual responses with new ones, finding new solutions to problems etc. It is therefore very important that we know how to help the coachees think creatively – to think outside of the patterns that may have limited their thinking before. Finding one solution, one way forward, may be useful for someone who is stuck, but it is often through expanding the range of possibilities, options and new solutions that we truly help to release energy, enthusiasm and motivation. In this CPD workshop, we will explore a range of creative methodologies to help the coachees come up with more options.

The 2013 Ridler Report, into trends in coaching in major organisations, highlighted the growth of and demand for team coaching in organisations. The need has continued to grow strongly, but many coaches rightly recognise that team coaching is more demanding than individual coaching and requires additional skills. In this CPD workshop we will explore the difference between team coaching, individual coaching and other team development activities. We will also cover the role of the team coach, what new demands this place on the team coach and how you can apply coaching techniques in team interventions.

In many organisations coaching and mentoring are recognised as effective ways of developing and supporting individuals from board level to front line staff. However, many organisations do not exploit the potential of using coaching to support wider organisational strategies and change programmes.

In this CPD workshop we will explore how to take coaching from ‘just’ a set of discrete 1:1 conversations which support individual development, to a managed set of goal orientated interventions across many people in an organisation.

This workshop is designed for coaches and mentors, coaching and mentoring programme managers and senior managers who would like to get more out of the coaching conversations taking place across their organisation.

The traditional approaches to coaches’ development is through short CPD interventions or more formal step up in coaching qualifications A tangential approach to CPD is to encourage and place ownership on the coaches to further their own coaching competency development, and at the same time align this to their existing development planning. Personalised Learning Environments (PLEs) are a way of creating a localised and impactful development plan and approach. This CPD workshop will explore:

  • What is a PLE?
  • How to create a PLE and maximising its use
  • How organisations and supervisors can support coaches and their PLEs
  1. The CPD workshops start at 9.00 (BST) and finish between 11.30 and 12.30
  2. More detailed instructions will be provided approximately 2 weeks prior to each CPD event.
  3. We recommend booking early as our courses fill quickly.
  4. For more information, please contact Jan Bowen-Nielsen on 07732 786 456
  1. Payment terms
    1. Full payment is required to upon booking the course.
  2. Duration
    1. You will receive personal access to the online material for pre-study approximately 2 weeks ahead of the event
    2. The online materials will be accessible for 3 months after the course date.
  3. ‘No share’ of access
    1. Access to the online materials and self-learning resources is limited to the person(s) designated as fully paid-up participant(s). These resources are the property of Quiver Management Ltd and copyright protected. Access to the online materials and self-learning resources must not be shared with any other person. Sharing access to the resources with other individuals will be regarded as a breach of contract and violation of Quiver Management Ltd.’s copyright.
  4. Minimum numbers
    1. The course is subject to a minimum number of 6 people signing up to this course. If less people are signed up, Quiver Management reserves the right to cancel the course.
  5. Cancellation
    1. In the event of cancellation Quiver Management will offer the attendees to attend a future scheduled course or a full refund of the course fees.